Friday, August 29, 2008


So I am sitting in the Pickup at Goodwill
Last night and I witness a lady back her car
into another car then speed off and Who do you
think got the plate #, and found the little old lady
that owned the car that got hit , and then helped
her call P.D. yes it was Public savant fyremandoug.
First officer on scene was Officer Tall drink O water
Who I have known for a long time, he was in my
son’s Guard Unit. Well he says “fyreman did you
witness the incident and I said “why yes I did”
my plate # was a little off but they used a partial and
description and said does this look like the driver,
and a pic pops up on his laptop in his cruiser .
“Why yes , yes it is” says I and shazam they
have said jackrabbit, It pisses me off when someone
doesn’t do the right thing and splits a scene.
It just is not right

Little old lady said “I can’t believe someone
Would take the time to help me”

Its just the right thing to do.



Hammer said...


Epijunky said...


You're my hero :) What a wonderful thing you did for that lady.

USA_Admiral said...

At A Boy!

We need more good Samaritans today.

Evil Transport Lady said...

Can we clone you??

Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur said...

rock On!

Detail Medic said...

Pin a medal on that man! I hope that someone would do that for me! I hope Tall Drink O' gets 'im for a whole lot more!

Anonymous said...

YAY's so nice when people bother to help others!!! So rare, unfortunately