Monday, August 18, 2008



My Wife has a Goodwill fairy that grants here all sorts of luck at our local Goodwill
She finds the most Primo stuff, I lie to you not. Stetson felt hats, Nike Outdoor jackets,
Coach Purses, Pendleton shirts, Barbour waxed hunting coat. I always ask for hoodies and she finds Uber nice Polar fleece. She found a Yves Saint Laurent designer dress once, Anyway yesterday I was sitting in a recliner at GW and she walks by in these

And they are $200.00 pair of riding boots; she has been lusting after them for a long time
And there is a pair of them at GW for $25.00 WTF, collage kids get rid of the greatest stuff.

We had the Best time last week at the coast; I am missing my baby Sis and her family
Her oldest is the tall and quiet and very responsible, her middle son is a skater with a huge sense of humor, and the youngest, Grace is a like her mother was at that age
We ate and goofed off and talked and decompressed.


Dreamsicle said...

Kudos Mama!! Those boots rock!! She does have good luck there and I really think she should have bought those other classy shoes we found there last know, the ones you said "And where would you ever wear those?" I'm sure she could have used her imagination...wink wink.
You make me tear up a bit talking about the kiddos. It was great fun for the books. Thanks again. XOXOXOXOXO

Hammer said...

Great find.

the trick is to find out when they bing out the new stuff and grab it before the fleamarket people get hold of it.

I've scored antique pottery, $800 italian shoes,first edition literary works etc...

Detail Medic said...

Now you tell your wife to bring me the unmarried hunk of a mounted police officer that used to occupy those boots and I will proclaim her the Queen of the Bargains... I will also accept the prior occupant of police motorcycle boots. (I used to date one of those...*sigh*) I'm a sucker for Coach and Burberry myself. Where the hell is she shopping?!?!?!

Fyremandoug said...

DM this is her zone

its a collage town

Evil Lunch Lady said...

It's amazing what college kids throw out! You could furnish a small apartment!

Great finds!

USA_Admiral said...

It is so good to have friends!

The British Bird. said...

awesome boots!!! wouldnt mind a pair of those myself. :-) I too have haunted the good will and the salvation army has a branch here in Salem. Got a brand new pair of stilleto leather ankle boots ones and countless designer clothing items!

sohos said...

I'm going to go shop at ours now. Wow really cool

sohos said...

Now I am going to go shop at ours. Those are awesome