Thursday, September 11, 2008

343 Fratres Vigiles

What were you doing 7 years ago ....
I had a rough summer, I had been
laid offand had taken a summer job
at the fire DepartmentOne of our RV's
(resident volunteers) and I were doing
grunt work and making calls. I came to
work early and was naping in the Lounge
and I heard The RV tell me we had been
attacked. Turning on the TV I watched
both towers fall and knew it would not be
long befor my son would off to war. I know
almost 3000 people died inthe attack....but
its the 343 souls that rushed into the
towers, not out that are my heroes.

Rest in Peace Brothers


USA_Admiral said...

May they Rest in Peace.

We were getting a satellite dish installed. It would have been an otherwise unmemorable day.

kvegas911 said...

By 1300 I had been activated and was in a convoy going to DC. At 0937 one of my friends had died there, but I had no idea until weeks later.

Aprilwine said...

I was asleep when a friend called and said to turn on the news. :(
Something I'll never forget.

Mark said...

I had taken the day off from that place where we used to work to interview for a different job. The evil one, who shall remain nameless, called and interrupted me ironing a shirt and said I really needed to turn on the TV. Like you, I sat there in disbelief and watched both towers fall.

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