Tuesday, October 28, 2008

good stuff

I found this over at Jafo's it is good stuff


I tried to go to drill

So Honest to God I was going to go to Drill tonight ....then Mrs fyreman decided to go work on her tree stand. That was not a problem, what was a problem was she had new straps to attach
her tree stand and they were zip tied to a piece of plastic and she decided to use her Schrade hunting knife(read Scalpel) to cut the zip ties, and she slipped. 1" wide and 1" deep in the meat of the heel of her hand (ouch), 2 hours later, two hydracodone, topical lidocaine, lidocaine shots, irrigations, stitches, and x-ray and we can go home. Her was pitiful, and angry...its close to the end of deer season.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dear lord it was a long trip

Me and my Captain

Im back and I got a new toy....well me and the department. All I can say is WOW
it drives like a pickup truck...Damn its sweet

We has da mojo dice hanging

Morning in the Oregon High Desert

And to top it all of we get her home and unload her and we catch tones for a structure fire,
at the end of the evening I am so stupid I am forgetting basic stuff...Oh well I am off to bed
I am going to check for light leaks in my eye lids


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boise Road trip?????

OK I'm not holding my breath or anything but I think we got the go ahead to pick up our engine
there is a good tale written HERE about the sorrows of our little engine penned by my Captain in the Fire department, well I am gonna be one mad Fryeman if we get there and they jack with me, I told the Chief I was bringing guns and I think I will load up the AR just because. I am packed but I am nervous and cant sleep...wish me luck and peace of mind :)



Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So I was suppose to go to Drill tonight at the fire department but when I got home HH-6 said the
nieces horse had torn down the fence and guess what I was doing until 9:00 pm .....yup stringing and stretching wire, I'm a farmer

We put up 4 ft woven wire with a hot wire along the top. try that on for size Lulu

The Niece and Lulu Belle

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ok Here Is my redneck meal ....Corndog Casserole. A Cast iron pot full of corn bread ( my own recipe and its yours if you ask ) and Johnsonville cheddar wursts cut up and Ortega chillies diced up and put in the corn bread. I am listening to Dwight Yoakam's "Faster than you"....It is so Rock a Billy, I love that stuff. I will leave you with a very important warning.....its how I roll.
Peace..........through superior fire power


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some Pics

Thug and the new Coat (we call it his Euro Cop coat)

Harley Quinn

Miss Molly

Me catching the moon

Mrs Fyreman catching the moon

Friday, October 10, 2008

hunting stuff

HH-6 (House hold - 6, She who runs the House)is out hunting for the Elusive Blacktail and I am at home doing some of my stuff and I get a phone call with her saying "I need you come up to where I am hunting....there is a bear up here and I think its a Sow with a cub"

Its nice to be Needed.

I am her Hero...me and Thug. : )


Monday, October 6, 2008


I am blue..In a funk....Melancholy...

Last week my Engine was supose to be done....and 1 hour befor we take off they call and jack me around and tell mew no its not done yet.....Flock, Farg, Fork.

So I am kind of stuck, I am in the middle of Blacktail season here in the Beaver state and I want to travel over to Idaho and Throttle the living fuck out of someone. So I have been pitiful and a

pain in HH-6 tail feathers......I got to take off I have Tomatoes to can....here I will leave you a look at a Mythical beast