Friday, March 30, 2007

Late night and in the fog

Ok so late last night I had this almost terminal brain fart
I’m in the upstairs kitchen with my daughter and we are going to make orange smoothies, so I’m running on 3 cylinders out of 8 and I’m a little foggy. I need to break up some ice to put in the smoothie and the ice is frozen into a solid lump and thru my fog I realize I must break up the ice
Instead of dropping the dad burned bag on the floor I reach out and grab this very solid looking glass vase. I commence with the massage on the ice bag and my Daughter looks at me and says ”WHAT THE F---?“ as my wife says “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” and I flash them both the "What?" I’m an idiot look , and at that exact moment in time I have an Epiphany, or was it an apostrophe? Anyway and in my sweaty hand I feel not molded glass but defined lines….yes cut glass……..Oh my lord I have a chunk of Waterford crystal in my paw. I set down said piece of art and ask “What is a piece of crystal doing out of the china cabinet”And someone puts a hammer in my hand and says “use this …or your head”

Thursday, March 29, 2007


We are Planning My Dads memorial on May 28 in Spokane and I am gonna take off some time and take a nice low drag trip up north and see folks. I am starting to write about my life for my kids so they dont get a lot of gaps handed to them when I'm gone

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

a little lite reading

read this written by Charlie Daniels its some good stuff

Friday, March 23, 2007

end of the day

And remenber Boys and Girls


F is for fire that burns down the whole town!
U is for uranium..... bombs
N is for no suvivors.....
You have to see this.....I still think PETA stands for people eating tasty animals
Oh and I stold this from BANE stuff is so F---ed up

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Ok color me strange (yup I’m strange) but my sense of humor runs this way …..SorryBut I like it


I found this over at
Ok this kinda creeped me out
So what do you do get a mastectomy

strange days indeed

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Weekly Drool

My Weekly Drool….. Guns I don’t own …but would like to

The H&K 416 / 417……can you say SWEET, This post is for a co-worker who’s
Nom de Guerre is Ivan. The M-16 has always been very cool to look at but the action is twitchy, it ports gases directly back into the action once a round has been fired, this is poopy.
see below picture where the poopy takes place, bad…very bad


H&K looked at the M-16 design and said basically “its sound but lets redesign the action” and they did and it is the bomb. Instead of porting the gas into the action they made a long push rod that replaces the gas tube and made the extra gas port out by the front sight (see below picture this is very cool) so you get a highly reliable firearm in a proven pattern

Way to go H&K


And a shout out to the good folk at Midway U.S.A. my order was perfect and the toy catalog was
the coolest

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Right now Ibuprofen is my friend

I started back into my work out ….(enough of my pity party)
And Mrs. Fyreman decides to join in, guess who else is sore and likes Ibuprofen.
I tell you what this is either gonna kill me or I’m gonna be one BAD MOMMA JAMMA

“Are you classified as human?”

Negative, I am a meat popsicle.”

Monday, March 19, 2007

the scourge

I hate Blackberries

The type we have in Oregon is Himalayan blackberry (Rubus discolor (procerus & aremeniacus) and they are mean (I Think Barista might know what I speak of)
These berries are a bane to me they cause me so much labor and sweat and toil
Did I say I hate them?…… No, well anyway. They have a cane on them that can get up to 1” in diameter and the thorns OH MY LORD the thorns will pierce right thru heavy leather
The only good thing about them is the fruit they have the biggest berries on them you have ever seem huge blackberries, as big as my thumb and they make pies and jelly and smoothies oh my. And they can root in and sprout from just a small piece of stem in the right conditions, SO I hack and cut and spray and burn and now I sound like I am out to destroy the environment but
Until you have met this enemy please hold all judgment

Peace be with you

Friday, March 16, 2007

With #11 You get a frickin' Haiku

The Java-Kula

The spinning blender
the warm spring sun is rising
I will soon wake up

LMAO, it was a long night with little sleep

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Larix occidentalis

This is a picture taken several years ago at the top of Thompson pass, I am standing In Montana and looking at Idaho, Any one who lives in the north knows this is a fall picture because of the yellowing of the Western Larch (Larix occidentalis a deciduous coniferous tree) all the old loggers call it tamarack. Its a time of year when whole hill sides light up and glow
it not quite like a oak or maple leaf turn but it is cool in it's own right

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Weekly Drool

My Weekly Drool….. Guns I don’t own …but would like to

United States Rifle Model 1803 - One of the key U.S. shoulder firearms, the .54 caliber Model 1803 flintlock rifle, was originally thought to be the weapon issued to the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition to the Louisiana Territory. The graceful lines and Kentucky rifle styling is evident in this early weapon and the unique length of its stock caused many to refer to it as a “half stock” rifle. A total of 4,023 Model 1803 rifles were manufactured at the Harpers Ferry Armory, Virginia between 1803 and 1807.19 Due to exigencies of the War of 1812, production of this model was resumed in 1814 and continued through 1820, with an additional 11,680 weapons being produced. The Model 1803 rifle’s barrel initially measured 33-1/2 inches, but the length was increased in 1815 to 36 inches, for an overall length of approximately 47 inches for the entire weapon.20 Rifling consisted of seven grooves inside a part octagon and part round barrel. A brass blade served as the front sight with an open type sight for the rear. The barrel was secured to the wooden stock with a sliding key and two iron ferrules, which held a brass-tipped steel ramrod against a long rib under the barrel. The molded walnut stock of the Model 1803 boasted a small cheekrest and a brass patch box on the right side of the butt. All metal parts were finished bright except the browned barrel, barrel rib, and ramrod ferrules. Like many rifles of that time period, the Model 1803 had no fixtures for a bayonet.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Back in the days of Alder gulch in my beloved state or Montana there was a group of bad people, BAD, BAD People who made life miserable for a lot of good people, the good people banded together and formed a neighborhood watch group called "The Vigilantes" and they sought out the bad people of the area and some of these bad people were taken to a social gathering called a "necktie party". If you were bad and not invited to said necktie party then you might get a R.S.V.P. that read something like this "3-7-77" which are the dimensions of a grave or so we believe, and it was advisable to leave a hurry. I am hearing so much stuff today that the world is full of bad, bad people that are harming our children and our loved ones and our friends, what are we to do? Please tell me, I have my own idea, and I don’t care sometimes about due process, or rights, what rights do the victims have, not many!

Monday, March 12, 2007

My Thoughts on stuff

Ok I’m feeling like taking about GUNS yes the worst of the Liberal FOUR LETTER WORDS. I like this four-letter word It’s a word that comforts me for I Know that the U.S. supreme court has said that Law Enforcement is not responsible for my or your protection Who’da thunk, You can All say “Oh No Mr. Fyreman Your wrong My local Pd. will be here for me” and then you say that ”Oh if you take away all the guns” I’m so sick & tired of that, yes gun deaths will stop but what did Kane kill Abel with, I can do it with a club, it’s a whole lot messier but what the hey. No little people, live in you little dream world and Ill live in the real word where there are risks and bad people. Bad people will always find something of yours they want and they will find a way to relieve it from you be it a watch or a car or your life, the bottom feeders need to be turned into compost.


I have spoken

Friday, March 9, 2007

All new and stuff

Well here we go I starting fresh cuz I was catching to much flack at home on my other blog
well I will give this another shot