Friday, August 29, 2008


So I am sitting in the Pickup at Goodwill
Last night and I witness a lady back her car
into another car then speed off and Who do you
think got the plate #, and found the little old lady
that owned the car that got hit , and then helped
her call P.D. yes it was Public savant fyremandoug.
First officer on scene was Officer Tall drink O water
Who I have known for a long time, he was in my
son’s Guard Unit. Well he says “fyreman did you
witness the incident and I said “why yes I did”
my plate # was a little off but they used a partial and
description and said does this look like the driver,
and a pic pops up on his laptop in his cruiser .
“Why yes , yes it is” says I and shazam they
have said jackrabbit, It pisses me off when someone
doesn’t do the right thing and splits a scene.
It just is not right

Little old lady said “I can’t believe someone
Would take the time to help me”

Its just the right thing to do.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My week

So this week is just full, I started Sunday with the Fire Department Annual summer Picnic…And who was the Grill master, yes it was I. I marinated 16 Lbs of Costco flank steak and Grilled it, and Oh baby it was GOOOOOOD. Monday was the 4th Monday of the month so that means Safety Committee at the Fire Department, we have been naughty at the F.D. and haven’t had a safety committee for a little while, contrary to what OSHA says (read MANDITORY here) then last night we had regular drill night and we went over rope rescue which is right up my alley I have studied rope rescue since about 1985
We set up a Haul system and showed how to retrieve the victim back up the hill safely.
Tonight it will be putting some tractors away for the winter, Oh and guess what I get to do on the 12 of September go to Boise ID and get my new Engine…..I am so stoked. I have waited over a year since the fire that destroyed my Old Engine


new 233

Monday, August 25, 2008


I am swamped

Posts coming.....honest

Monday, August 18, 2008



My Wife has a Goodwill fairy that grants here all sorts of luck at our local Goodwill
She finds the most Primo stuff, I lie to you not. Stetson felt hats, Nike Outdoor jackets,
Coach Purses, Pendleton shirts, Barbour waxed hunting coat. I always ask for hoodies and she finds Uber nice Polar fleece. She found a Yves Saint Laurent designer dress once, Anyway yesterday I was sitting in a recliner at GW and she walks by in these

And they are $200.00 pair of riding boots; she has been lusting after them for a long time
And there is a pair of them at GW for $25.00 WTF, collage kids get rid of the greatest stuff.

We had the Best time last week at the coast; I am missing my baby Sis and her family
Her oldest is the tall and quiet and very responsible, her middle son is a skater with a huge sense of humor, and the youngest, Grace is a like her mother was at that age
We ate and goofed off and talked and decompressed.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


greetings from the Oregon coast.
here is the main coarse, oysters and shrimp and peppers


we also we had Home made biscuts and Fetzer Gewurztraminer


Thursday, August 7, 2008

GUN LEATHER, its just another part of GUN PORN

My wife yells at me "are you surfing the net for PORN' well yes I was

GUN LEATHER, its just another part of GUN PORN

So I have been looking for a holster for my 45 acp. I cant stand plastic holsters
they bother the crap out of me. I want a Desantis holster like this.

Its like my old Tom Harris custom I had for my S&W M-29, that my son "borrowed" for his N frame.
I am a geek and I still think it would be fun to have one of these rigs for my 1911

like Rooster Cogburn said in "True Grit"
"Fill your hands, you son of a bitch"

(people don't tell the Missus or there will be hell to pay) LOL

Blogging is gonna get sketchy for a little while (influx of very cool family type people)
maybe a week or so I will try to post a little



Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Funny link

just for kicks go here