Thursday, August 7, 2008

GUN LEATHER, its just another part of GUN PORN

My wife yells at me "are you surfing the net for PORN' well yes I was

GUN LEATHER, its just another part of GUN PORN

So I have been looking for a holster for my 45 acp. I cant stand plastic holsters
they bother the crap out of me. I want a Desantis holster like this.

Its like my old Tom Harris custom I had for my S&W M-29, that my son "borrowed" for his N frame.
I am a geek and I still think it would be fun to have one of these rigs for my 1911

like Rooster Cogburn said in "True Grit"
"Fill your hands, you son of a bitch"

(people don't tell the Missus or there will be hell to pay) LOL

Blogging is gonna get sketchy for a little while (influx of very cool family type people)
maybe a week or so I will try to post a little




Hammer said...

I had a nice bianchi for my .45 that was very similar. Dumb me..I sold it.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Accessories for shooty goodness!!!! That really does rank up there with my pockybooks, Doug! LOL. I'd love to have leather, just got the nylon, here. Have a blast with your sis and family!

Dreamsicle said...

Little bro maybe we can sneek out in the next week and go see if we can find some leather to look at. I have a tall skinny brat who would enjoy the hell out of that. See ya in 2 days!
PS we're bringing the wireless and we have a browser on the phone if you start jonesing for a blog.... :-)

Epijunky said...

But does it come in pink?

Okay, totally kidding. :)

Have fun with the fam Doug.

USA_Admiral said...

Love the Pron!!

I have an old Bianchi leather shoulder holster and I would noit take anything for it. It is about 18 years old now.