Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So my weekend was Ok the weather was 95-99 Deg. warm for the Willamette for sure.
We volunteer annually for a local farm that has a Equestrian field trials (jumping).
All was good until the last girl went through …..she had a crash and landed on here noggin. Her helmet was intact but she couldn’t remember anything about the fall so I did C-spin and we boarded her and plopped a ice pack on her and waited for transport.
Restored the rig and went home and had a cold beer and bailed and loaded the last of the hay………yes in deed. The Garden is coming along great, I will post pics when I get some good ones.

have a great week.


Hammer said...

The equestrian stuff does seem to get a lot of injuries. Glad the girl was ok.

USA_Admiral said...

Damn; 95 is hot anywhere. I think you beat us with that temp.

I am glad she was OK and it was a good weekend.

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Wow way too hot for me!

BTW check your yahoo email for intel on kvegas:)

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Resent that email:)