Monday, July 21, 2008


So I went in last Thursday to the dermatologist and she hacked off some chunks of my forearms to send of to pathology to see what the hell they were. I have a constant farmer tan going on, my forearms are one freckled mass and Mrs fyreman keeps track of every one. Sunday I made a Roast in the Brinkman...I love this device

I can grill in it or smoke in it, I have done Thanksgiving Turkey in it,It rocks. Its a Brinkman Pitmaster So I took the roast and I dry rubbed it with Mrs. Dash, dry mustard, Ginger, Paprika, black and white pepper, salt and sugar, then let it set for a couple of hours in the fridge. I lit a fire in the side pit and added briquets, with a even bed of coals in the side pit I tossed in some chunks of Hickory I cut this spring and but the roast in for two hours, at the end of the two hour I wraped it in tinfoil and shoveled some coals directly under it and finished it off to an internal temp. of 150 deg.

WOW it was yummy.


Hammer said...

I'm going to do your roast idea with some small potaotes and carrots.

Hope all goes well with the docs.

Fyremandoug said...

Hey Hammer, here is a really good set of Veg. recipes

Raichlen is kind of a Prima ballerina but his recipes rock

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Wow sounds great! The food part. Hope all your skin shedding was for nothing!

USA_Admiral said...

Good luck with the lab results!

My brother in law has a Brinkman and he swears by it. He uses his smoker a lot.

That does sound like some most excellent seasonings.

Anonymous said...

Great grill! Hubby said to tell you he has grill envy, LOL!

The British Bird. said...

we have one of those, "Hewhomustbeobeyed" cooks a means steak in it!!!!