Monday, July 28, 2008

weekend update

Ok I had a big weekend, First was riday afternoon I got off work and we went to Coastal farm store (my Niece calls it her Mall) and purchased a Frost free hydrant (Work) and fittings and stuff, then We went to the gun smith (Ya) to get my 1911, It went in to get a beavertail installed

it went from this

to this

It doesnt look like a lot but My hand loves it, no more hammer bite (No biting Hammer) and he worked on the trigger a tiny bit its a lovely thing. Ah yes Shooty goodness

then Saturday it was on to the back hoe and digging and install the frost free hydrant so I could water the horses (they like that) then beer

then Sunday I tried to go to the Dump but we found out it was closed after loading up the pickup so I plowed up a space in the garden and then rototilled it....I hurt this morning and I am Whining a little bit.

I manged to have made two firecalls also, One burn complaint and one MVA (motorcycle went down)

and made Venison tacos on sunday, MMMMMMMM, and drank beer



Evil Lunch Lady said...

Beer is good:) Well that's what my hubby says sanyway:)

USA_Admiral said...

Oh, I would so like to get one of these in my hands, it should be soon.

The British Bird. said...

whining a bit? At least you didnt have to get put down. Have a beer for me!

Anonymous said...

YAY! What a good day! Bangsticks and beer!