Monday, June 22, 2009


Well Fathers day was GREAT and like playing fish
"GOT WHAT I WANTED" I dropped the hint-a-roo
to my Niece and TADA Magpul P-Mags. for the
black evil gun appeared, now you ask whats a p-mag.
Well its the best thing short of well..... I am not going there.
But they are Damn fine. The feed like Butter and they are
darned sexy also. I will go out on a limb here and say
If you shoot the black evil gun, get the P-mag goodness
you wont be sorry


Sean said...

My "bought before things got dumb" box includes 40 p-mags... and I'm still thinking about getting 10 more just so I'm set for life.

Now if they just made them for the FAL and the AK....

USA_Admiral said...

I am glad it was great.

Long live the evil black gun.