Friday, June 5, 2009

Justice severed (we hope)

In October, 2006 the Esperanza Fire (arson Caused) burned 40200

acres and killed 5 firefighters. Today the Riverside County California

Superior court final called for and got the Death penalty for

Raymond Lee Oyler for starting the fire.


R.I.P. Brothers


Captain, Mark Loutzenhiser

Fire Engine Operator, Jess "Gus" Mclean

Asst. Fire Engine Operator, Jason McKay

Firefighter, Danny Najera  

Firefighter, Pablo Cerda


We will see if they have the stones to see it through




USA_Admiral said...

Rest in Peace.

Justice is most certainly due sooner rather than later.

The British Bird. said...

my heart goes out to the families, and good job finding the asshat that started it all.