Monday, June 29, 2009


Lets see where am I, We got the hay in for the year....with some to sell.
I took my Captain and good friend to the airport shuttle, she is off for
a year to Iraq to work as a private contractor to work Hazmat. I went
to an amazing MVA yesterday, motorcycle vs pickup, pickup blows stop sign
and stalls in intersection and bike hits box of truck at about 60 mph, flips
trough the air and hits powerpole guy wire and lands in pasture....rider
bailed just before impact and only had mild shock and road rash
Broken Ducati ..... but no bones.


Hammer said...

Motorcyclists have to ride like everyone is out to kill them.

PFD216 said...

I sure appreciated the ride. I have arrived in Taji without major incident. We were stalled 5 days in BIOP waiting for sand storms to end so helo could move again. What fun. hugs to all. Tess