Friday, June 19, 2009

the car

So my Lil girl (23) said Daddy I'm getting a car....Ok she has a good stable job, I say what something like a Honda or a Toyota.....No....a 1965 Plymouth Fury 3 two door, it needs a little
work here and there but the Damn thing is really strait. She calls it "Brutus"
I have Muscle car envy........LMAO
nice ride


The Pirate said...

This reminds me of my buddy's old Plymouth Valiant. It came with the old workhorse slant six that used to stall in left turns.

Sean said...

Nice! I can tell you raised your young lady with character and independence - great job!

PFD216 said...

Wow! What a ride! It so fits her personality! Beautious!

USA_Admiral said...

I loved those old cars, I almost had one once, almost. Been annoyed about it ever since.

The car is a beauty.

Hammer said...


That is an awesome car.

Anonymous said...

I had one a sweet car.