Monday, March 19, 2007

the scourge

I hate Blackberries

The type we have in Oregon is Himalayan blackberry (Rubus discolor (procerus & aremeniacus) and they are mean (I Think Barista might know what I speak of)
These berries are a bane to me they cause me so much labor and sweat and toil
Did I say I hate them?…… No, well anyway. They have a cane on them that can get up to 1” in diameter and the thorns OH MY LORD the thorns will pierce right thru heavy leather
The only good thing about them is the fruit they have the biggest berries on them you have ever seem huge blackberries, as big as my thumb and they make pies and jelly and smoothies oh my. And they can root in and sprout from just a small piece of stem in the right conditions, SO I hack and cut and spray and burn and now I sound like I am out to destroy the environment but
Until you have met this enemy please hold all judgment

Peace be with you


Heather P Harkenfarker said...

They are such good eats...but you must wear metal armor to enjoy. Blackberries, Salt water taffy and Moe's chowder....a must when we visit OR.

barista grazioso said...

Blackberries are the bane of a homeowners existence. I've got a yearly hate-fest going on with them in my yard. I have a feeling they'll be there long after I'm gone. Bastards.