Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Back in the days of Alder gulch in my beloved state or Montana there was a group of bad people, BAD, BAD People who made life miserable for a lot of good people, the good people banded together and formed a neighborhood watch group called "The Vigilantes" and they sought out the bad people of the area and some of these bad people were taken to a social gathering called a "necktie party". If you were bad and not invited to said necktie party then you might get a R.S.V.P. that read something like this "3-7-77" which are the dimensions of a grave or so we believe, and it was advisable to leave town...in a hurry. I am hearing so much stuff today that the world is full of bad, bad people that are harming our children and our loved ones and our friends, what are we to do? Please tell me, I have my own idea, and I don’t care sometimes about due process, or rights, what rights do the victims have, not many!


Myra Langerhas said...

I say amen, Brother. Sometimes I am less angry at the bad guy than I am at the guy that apologizes and enables the bad guy's actions.

barista grazioso said...

I hear ya Fyreman. I understand the frustration, and get tired of the rhetorical banging of ones head on the proverbial brick wall. Myra makes a good point - - the enablers are worse than the bad guy it seems.

I sure wouldn't want to be the judge or prosecutor who didn't do their job on judgement day, and another one of God's little ones got hurt because of it. Talk about a fireworks show!