Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Weekly Drool

My Weekly Drool….. Guns I don’t own …but would like to

The H&K 416 / 417……can you say SWEET, This post is for a co-worker who’s
Nom de Guerre is Ivan. The M-16 has always been very cool to look at but the action is twitchy, it ports gases directly back into the action once a round has been fired, this is poopy.
see below picture where the poopy takes place, bad…very bad


H&K looked at the M-16 design and said basically “its sound but lets redesign the action” and they did and it is the bomb. Instead of porting the gas into the action they made a long push rod that replaces the gas tube and made the extra gas port out by the front sight (see below picture this is very cool) so you get a highly reliable firearm in a proven pattern

Way to go H&K


And a shout out to the good folk at Midway U.S.A. my order was perfect and the toy catalog was
the coolest

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