Monday, March 12, 2007

My Thoughts on stuff

Ok I’m feeling like taking about GUNS yes the worst of the Liberal FOUR LETTER WORDS. I like this four-letter word It’s a word that comforts me for I Know that the U.S. supreme court has said that Law Enforcement is not responsible for my or your protection Who’da thunk, You can All say “Oh No Mr. Fyreman Your wrong My local Pd. will be here for me” and then you say that ”Oh if you take away all the guns” I’m so sick & tired of that, yes gun deaths will stop but what did Kane kill Abel with, I can do it with a club, it’s a whole lot messier but what the hey. No little people, live in you little dream world and Ill live in the real word where there are risks and bad people. Bad people will always find something of yours they want and they will find a way to relieve it from you be it a watch or a car or your life, the bottom feeders need to be turned into compost.


I have spoken


Myra Langerhas said...

Doug, you are so wrong on this one.

Don't you know that guns kill people. It is a fact. They crawl into your house when you aren't looking, like when you are carrying groceries in, or taking out the garbage. Then they hide under your couch or bed and come out at night when you are sleeping, then SHOOT YOU.

By the way thanks for the blogroll link. I really wish I could link to yourself, Barista and a few others, but I am having a rough time with Blogrolling. Last time I tried to do it, it through my whole page off. When I figure this crap out, you and barista will be my first 2 new links. Be well.

Fyremandoug said...

Thanks Myra ANd Yes I like that Fred T guy myself