Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I tried to go to drill

So Honest to God I was going to go to Drill tonight ....then Mrs fyreman decided to go work on her tree stand. That was not a problem, what was a problem was she had new straps to attach
her tree stand and they were zip tied to a piece of plastic and she decided to use her Schrade hunting knife(read Scalpel) to cut the zip ties, and she slipped. 1" wide and 1" deep in the meat of the heel of her hand (ouch), 2 hours later, two hydracodone, topical lidocaine, lidocaine shots, irrigations, stitches, and x-ray and we can go home. Her was pitiful, and angry...its close to the end of deer season.


The Pirate said...

Deer season injuries are the worst! I try to pretend they didn't happen and keep on huntin. Hope she heals quick and gets back in the woods:)

JAFO said...

Ms JAFO-DW did the pretty much exact same thing in the years before we got married, to the back of her thumb and index finger.

Do the lovely lady a favor and buy her a multitool and show her how to pry ties off with the needlenose. MUCH safer.

Y'all take care. I guess you'll have to go hunting for her.

Anonymous said...

Ouch!! Makes my hand hurt just to see it.

USA_Admiral said...

That looks like it will be sore for a bit. Rub some dirt on it. (J/K)

I hope she recovers quickly.

Detail Medic said...

I'm proud that Mrs. Fyreman has her own stand!!