Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dear lord it was a long trip

Me and my Captain

Im back and I got a new toy....well me and the department. All I can say is WOW
it drives like a pickup truck...Damn its sweet

We has da mojo dice hanging

Morning in the Oregon High Desert

And to top it all of we get her home and unload her and we catch tones for a structure fire,
at the end of the evening I am so stupid I am forgetting basic stuff...Oh well I am off to bed
I am going to check for light leaks in my eye lids



Evil Transport Lady said...

SWEET! Very cool new ride;)!!!

I love those dice!

Dreamsicle said...

Bout damn time, right bro?! I'm so happy for your new arrival. I feel we should throw you a shower or something!! Congrats darlin!

Epijunky said...

I saw the comment you left and I actually cheered for you.

WOOHOO!!! Finally, yeah?

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! You got it finally!!!

Fyremandoug said...

I really feel Quite Lucky right now

USA_Admiral said...

That is sweet.

Now you are all set.

Like Christmas early?

Anonymous said...

SWEET truck! And I have just GOT to get some mojo dice. They kick major ass.

Detail Medic said...

Doug, who the F are you trying to kid? You know (and let's face it, so does your department) that you think of that truck as yours... Pretty sweet! And that's pretty much how it should be. I get regular lectures on what I souldn't be doing to our equipment. Check in tomorrow for our latest mishaps. Today's post got long so I'm cutting it in two.

The British Bird. said...

Thats a sweet ride! Glad you got it, and you didnt have to open a can of woopass to get it.