Monday, June 23, 2008

Hay Hay Haaaay

and not in a gay way LMAO well we has been cutting the hay (not the cheese)
and soon its Baling time then that foolishness is done for the year and I can get
on to more important things like sitting in the shade and drinking ice cold beer

here is the Queen running the Mower conditioner

as for the beer this is the bomb made by Bridgeport MMMMMMMM

Got a ice cold six pack of bottles in the basement


USA_Admiral said...

at least while cutting hay no one knows if you are cutting the cheese also.

Beer, shade, sounds like the only way to spend some down time.

Haymaker beer looks good from the picture, I bet it is much better in person.

Hammer said...

I'll have to look for haymaker.

Bales of coastal are way over $100 each around here. It's like gold that grows itself.

Fyremandoug said...

In the Valley the hay this year is starting at 130.00 a ton, damn and I use to think 45 a ton in MT was high

Epijunky said...

The redneck in me wants to know if that's an Allis Chalmers :)



Fyremandoug said...

Why Yes Dear Epi that is an AC-160
40 horse bad mama jama....we call her
Alice, ....there is a second one just like her..with the roll over protection system, and the cute little New Holland conditioner cuts a sweet 7 ft swath. I am the most happy when I am out in the field on one of the tractors with my hearing protection on and working....I told the Mrs. that I want to be cremated when I die and have a big wake and to put my ashes in the cyclone spreader with some ammonium nitrate fertilizer and lay me to rest in the hay field