Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I stay up late knowing I will pay for it eventually but my common sense wins out and I crawl to bead at midnight and am just about to fade out when The dreaded tones on my Motorola pager make that certain sound to set it to beeping, I listen for a moment and I
Hear structure fire and I know there will be trouble getting people tapped out for it, I drag myself out and take off for the station and fire up the Red beast. She is cranky and I don’t blame her but the air pressure comes up and the warning light shuts off, then I can release the air brakes and put her into drive and pull out onto the apron and hit the door closer.
I am waiting to call dispatch and let them know I am moving the engine (call numbers 232) there is more important traffic at the moment but then I get a second of clear air and call”100 (dispatch) From 232, 232 moving up to 201” just as I make the call I hear “command from 234 (One of our primary engines)” “234 this is command go ahead” “234 does not have any oil pressure” Oh crap this is now not just a simple move up its now full lights and siren. Residential fires outside of our hydrant system suck… but I’m a fyreman and I will get over it. The rest of the night was long and strenuous but things were worse for the home owner. I had just enough time to come home clean up and eat and be at work……………. K, I was whacked I was filing stuff where it didn’t belong and my brain was in neutral, I am a little better today but not by much. Our engine should be back up today (crosses fingers). Well back to my Frappuccino.


USA_Admiral said...

Well Done.

Thank God for Frappuccino!

Aprilwine said...

You are awesome!

Epijunky said...


Now that sounds like a fun night :)

And indeed, thank God for Frappuccino's.

kvegas911 said...

Hope it was an enjoyable codroaster, if indeed it had to be a fire it may as well have been a positive experience...low oil pressure? egad, hope you weren't running any lines off of her! And yesm Frappuccinos kick ass!