Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring in Oregon

With the nice weather Mrs Fyreman and 216 (my captain) threw saddles on the hurricane decks of there pony's and went for a ride

it was a great day, and they put some miles on the critters. Our little Aussie went along for the day also, this is a great picture of Molly

Here are a few spring time pictures of the Flora around Fyreman's Farm(taken by Daughter of Fyreman)
the Stamens of a Camilla flower

Pansies blooming

Night all, talk to you latter


USA_Admiral said...

A pony ride looks like heaven to me.

Molly looks like sweetheart.

Spring time looks a lot better up there than it does down here.
Daughter of Fyreman has inspired me to post some pictures of my flowering shrubs.

Epijunky said...

Color me green.

It's cold here. At least the sun's out.

It looks like ya'll had a fantastic time ;)

SoHoS said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Out for a ride with friends and the pooch....sounds like heaven to me, too. Daughter of Fyreman has a lovely pic of the stamens.

Angie said...

ur molly is beautiful