Monday, March 3, 2008

My weekend

what did fyreman find at This weekends gun show

1. a new upper for my "Black Gun"
2. 2 new magazines for my 1911
3. a leatherman Monarch 500 flash light
4. a book on old Spurs and Bits
5. snap caps for the 38 spl.
6. luminesent sight paint

the last 3 thinks were for Mrs. Fyreman

Sunday's weather was a Balmy 55 and the Sun
was out we went up to my Captain's house and we
pulled the corks on a couple of bottles of red wine
and ordered a pizza and sat around a camp fire
and had mostly a fine evening


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!!!! Gun show!!!! Glad to hear you had a good, red-blooded American time!

Hammer said...

sounds like a winner to me :)