Friday, March 28, 2008

Say hello to my little friend

I bought this the other day, Its a Smith and Wesson 642 airweight double action 38 Spl.
certified for +P, I got a smokin deal on it from a LEO buddy of mine in the Fire department.
Anyway I bring it home and Daughter of fireman absconds with it in a New York Minuet and I,m out one shooting iron. I told her she is going through class for concealed carry though she says "yes Please", She had been looking for one for a long time and this little gem just sparkled. Call me a weird Dad but I feel a little safer with her packing


Epijunky said...

Will you adopt me?

Seriously. :)


The Pirate said...

Not weird, that's a wonderful thing to do for your daughter. I'd be a little bummed to see such a fine piece disappear so fast though...hope she lets you crack a few off every now and then.

kvegas911 said...

Excellent. Hey, my 8th bday present from Daddy was a .22 rifle, 10th bday was a 8" dive knife to strap on my leg when we went diving, 12th bday present was a 12ga shotgun, 16th was a snubnose .38 Lady S&W, 18th was a .40 Beretta Centurion, 21st was a Glock 22 .40 and a CCW class. You're raising her right!!!! Going to be doing the same for Baby Girl when she gets older.