Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Potlicker

As Promised

Fyremans Thug

Here he is being "pretty"
I usually don't like the close cropped ears
but both breeds tend to have tender ears.

Here he is trying to mooch gummy worms off
my niece, this shot shows how barrel chested he is
my wife worked on his leash skills all day
and there was marked improvement.
He is going to make a grand addition to
the Fyreman herd


Epijunky said...

He's awesome!!!!

I bet your entire family is in love :)

And as Ham said, can't wait to see pics of him chewing on some Meth-heads.

(who wants one just like yours)

USA_Admiral said...

Holy Cow!

That is quite the dog.
I love the colors. I am trying to imagine 135lbs of dog on a leash. The dog I had growing up was 55lbs (if you can call what I had a dog.)

SoHoS said...

He is beautiful!!!!

Aprilwine said...

He really is a beast!!! LOL He's adorable though. Thug fits him perfectly!!!