Friday, January 11, 2008

Gorillas in the Midst

H/T to Laurel

People I am in a semi rant here because I’m tired
of hearing about Sheeple getting taken down by
Wolves (Bad People) I am a peaceful man but I feel
that being prepared is serious business. Laurel Over
at “Politics Guns and Beer” has a perfect example
of a woman who was tested by life and passed her
exam. Near the end of the clip I was saying
“Center mass, center mass” It made my arms
all goose bumped……shit,

go read and listen and try to be prepared
and tell Laurel hi.


USA_Admiral said...

Yeah she hit center mass it sounds like. That is pretty chilling. I just love when, in this case, the good girl wins.

SoHoS said...

Will do!