Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Just a ramble

My wife calls me "Pan" sometimes because I am the boy that never grew up
I listen to a lot of what my kids listen to and introduce them to new stuff, but I also can listen to Diane Krall and enjoy the hell out of it, my music tastes are all over the board.
Next Year Ozzy Osbourne will be 60 years and he looks to be 70 but when Zakk Wylde starts tearing up the frets Ozzy is all business, I love it he just keeps going. I remember my daughter at 3 singing at the top of her lungs "and Mama, Mama I'm coming home". Speaking Of the youngest of the wild bunch she is following me in Weight Watchers at home and loosing a lot of weight. She is kind of amazed at how easy it is
And I am proud she is taking it so serious.

And I am down 2 more pounds


Hammer said...

Ozzy looks pretty good for someone who should be dead. :)

Aprilwine said...

My music taste is all over the board too. I'm not much of a fan of Ozzy's music, but there is something so endearing about him. I guess it's called sympathy. lol
Did you hear that he was pissed at the cops because they used his concert to lure in some wanted convicts? lol