Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hey ya'll

Well what has been going on....Thursday night we were up all night will sick Canines....yes plural, DO NOT USE SARGENT'S FLEA DROPS. the first clue is it says if you get any on you to wash immediately????? WTF. I have learned that Diatomaceous earth sprinkled on your dog and rubbed into the fur will kill the bastard fleas without causing kidney failure and Cancer to your beloved family members. Friday night Our county sent five engines out on a state conflagration (big fire burning down multiple homes$$$$$$). I get home at about 1:00 am and the pager 'Splodes, the neighboring city has a working apartment complex fire and its go time for us we were behind the curve and I drove in frome my house to main staion and made 1st engine out. There were three engine mount deck guns running, one elevated master stream off of a tower and multiple handlines/ 6 agencys total. I was tired. Went out lastnight to the esablisment that child #1 works and had a steak and worked on a little hop therapy. Today, Sunday I am just being a lump(something I excel at)

yall stay Frosty




Epijunky said...

I'm a big fan of Diatomaceous Earth to take care of a flea problem... It worked miracles :)

PFD216 said...

Doug, Sorry to hear about the pups, hope they are feeling fine soon. Glad you made first out, sad it took that long to get an engine out the door. Upset they scratched our engine on it's first conflag. "She's new, take care of her" means nothing to them. Hugs all around. Tess (out in the sandbox!)

The British Bird. said...

I hope the puppies are better! My old dog buster, would lay there and let me suck up the fleas with the hose on the vacumm. Of course we had to treat him with a flea collar usually but it was a quick fix.

nothing wrong with being a slug occasionally..

USA_Admiral said...

I never liked the thought of flea drops.

Nothing beats the way of mother nature.