Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ok I am not the sharpest tool in the shed but when I do myself harm...I LEARN
case in point, driving home today from the firehouse where I had been talking to the
Chief I get a little hungry....I know that there is a "Jack link Kippered beef snack" in
my man purse, But I don't take the time to see the EXP. date....which is almost a year ago

I have puked so hard my entrails are now my out trails. my guts hurt from wreching and
then there was the dry heaves.

So as a public sevice notice read the Exp. date on food folks


Epijunky said...

Oh my Jesus Doug.

My stomach hurts for you. Get better soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get well soon.

USA_Admiral said...

Damn, What does not kill you makes you sit and shit, massively.

Get better soon.

Fyremandoug said...

well the story of my demise was close to true.....wowser I NEVER want to roll like that again

The British Bird. said...

doug! keep hydrated honey..
I cannot for the life of me figure out why you can view my blog but cant post.. perhaps someone else has an idea??

get well soon!

The bird.

PFD216 said...

Douglas, That was an unwise move. Hope you are up and movin' by now. Be safe, hugs. Tess

Me said...

Dude, come on over sometime. I have stuff in my refrigerator that's been there so long that I don't remember buying it.

Hell, just the other day, I found a whole gallon jug of cottage cheese. I thought that I'd just lucked out, but then I saw that the label read "Milk". Damn.

It's part of being a guy, fella. Suck it up and get well soon. ;-)