Monday, April 6, 2009

The Oak


Around Our area we have several Scourges

  1. Himalayan blackberry
  2. English Ivy
  3. Scotch Broom
  4. and Poison Oak


the first three make you cuss and sweat, but the last one will leave its

revenge on you. My Daughters Boyfriend (  we will call him L ) got

the Oak or wood herpes as he calls it.

If you never have had it count your blessings, if you have ever had it

you know what I'm talking here. Not pleasant, There are a few things

you can do to ward of the evil of the Oak, our friends just down the road

at Tec Labs make a substance I swear by (not at) Called "Tecnu".

Getting the oil off of your skin without getting it into your system is

a pain in the Buttocks, and this stuff works well, we even wash our

woodland fire gear in it.

My Father-in-law said the Local blacktail deer ate loads of the Oak

and never suffered from it and that if you ate the deer you would

become immune to the stuff. It's a homeopathic sort of thing but I

think he was right. Also my Daughter brought home Honey that

is made from Poison-oak blossoms…..and its good, once again

homeopathic principles at work.


Have a stomping good week




Hammer said...

I used to get hundreds of sores all over my hands from that shit when I was a kid.

Hurt like hell. all we had was some green tube of clear stuff that barely did anything.

USA_Admiral said...

Like Hammer said, as a kid I could not stay out of it. For me it was calamine lotion and oatmeal baths.

We have Virgina creeper down here and that is the closest thing to poison oak I have seen yet. When I am stupid I get some on my arms and it sucks being stupid.

Evil Transport Lady said...

Is poison oak rash like poison ivy?? If so I feel everybodies pain. If I touch that stuff, it's off to the doc's for steriods....I get it BAD:(