Sunday, April 5, 2009

In the garden and stuff

We cleaned in the garden space this weekend.
It tends to get messy over the winter. I don't
know why but there are weeds to pull and spray
there are rodents and varmints to kill and the
compost has been neglected all winter.
We planted vegetable starts and cursed the blackberries.
and enjoyed a 70 degree day, Oh was it wonderful,
I am getting ready to re manufacture a hole bunch of
8mm Mauser ammo. and I believe I will buy some
copper gas checks and cast up a couple hundred bullets,
I have been polishing brass and sorting it,
(it keeps me out of trouble)
last night a motorcycle sped by the house at well
over 100 mph and not long after that there was a
sheriffs cruiser code 3, then another, and another
with two more sitting in our driveway and watching the road
(silly little meth boy you cant outrun Motorola). LMAO
I went out and told the Deputies They rocked
and to beat the little bastard for me also.

You all have a good week and hug and kiss your family.



Hammer said...

I bought some surplus 8mm a while back and haven't even made a dent in it.

Can't find any reloading supplies around town. I'm going to have to find when the shipments come in and camp out in the parking lot.

USA_Admiral said...

Sounds like (other than the blackberry) it was a pretty good week end for you.

Back 25 years ago when I did some reloading it was a lot of fun.

I miss those old days.