Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a ramble

Hey all I am just putting a few lines down...I am in a winter blue mood. The time of year and the Holidays and everything has me a little down...I will bounce back but it takes me a little while.
You might have heard about the bomb explosion in Woodburn OR, its about an hour from here
One of the Officers that died was a State police Officer that Our FD had worked with...He was a good guy.

I need it to be May,...ya May with flowers blooming and more sun, ya sun.



Epijunky said...

I was sorry to read about that officer, FD...

And... May... May is only a few months away, right? It'll be here before we know it. Right??? RIGHT???

Sorry, I'm in the winter blah kinda mood myself.

Fyremandoug said...

Hey Epi Here Is a Big Hug from Oregon


USA_Admiral said...

This is a tough time of the year.

I am sorry to hear about loss of that Officer.

Evil Transport Lady said...

Hugs to you! I also hate this time of year....though I try to fake it. The stress, the cold aches and pains. Give me spring!