Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tis about our Clan

Today two years ago my Dad passed away he was a grand old man and I loved him dearly
this is a picture of him at his birthday, we got a piper to play for him...he loved it.
this was tough for me to do today...I tried to put it away all day....then I read my baby sisters blog and cried and had to pen something of his passing

the right words..I dunna hay(dont have)
Will I ever find them..I dunna ken(don't know)

Tha gaol agam ort Da Tìoraidh.


kvegas911 said...

*Hugs* and prayers to you and your family.

Epijunky said...

I'm sorry FD... *hugs* and prayers to you and your family as my sister Kvegas said.

USA_Admiral said...

Days like these are always tough.

Take it easy Bro.

I just love the Pipes!

Sean said...

I am sorry sir - I hope you can find time in the day to remember the good parts and rejoice in his time with you.

The British Bird. said...

God bless you.. i know how hard it is at this time of year. I cant listen to a piper without crying.
If you feel like having a laugh later, take a peak at my page.. anyways, I just stopped in to give you a Christmas Hug.

The bird.