Sunday, November 9, 2008

The new Engine

some pictures of the engine and my little station that did

We went into Main station and worked on pumping 233 from the tank and then switching to a static source and back again, its a strange lil beast cuz she has a two cylinder diesel Aux. pump
along with the 1500 G.P.M. Hale main pump
here she is with our other sub stations engine 232 and I will add 232 is a cool engine
I had to take a pic of our big stick, we got it from our neighboring town for a dollar and it responds about once every other year? it barely fits in the House

Have a great week folks and remember

this is going to be my next bumper sticker



Evil Transport Lady said...

SWEET! Nice new toys you have there;)!

Epijunky said...

My kids would be in heaven just sitting in the front seat for five minutes.

Very cool, and worth the wait I'd imagine?

kvegas911 said...

is teh fabulous trucks oh yeah! Fabulous indeed!

USA_Admiral said...

She sure is a beauty.

Things like that are a joy to just look at.