Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well this weekend my Daughter's boyfriend and I put my Double Star lower together and hooked it up to a J&T enterprises Upper and I have another Blaster now. A 6 position stock and A-4 flat top upper, its Sexy Hawt. I will post pictures and range report soon

EDIT 11/25
Ok here be teh Gun Pron
new baby (on top) and her sister



Evil Transport Lady said...

OOOOOOOOO guns! :) Hope your ear is better! I look forward to your stories from the range:)

Sean said...

Very nice sir! I wish I had the money for a second M4gery right now while it's possible, but looks like I'll have to hold off. At least I have the three bases covered - M4/AK/FAL...

looking forward to the range report.

USA_Admiral said...

Nice! Very Nice.