Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Star drill

Well once again I took and passed our departments Star drill (yearly agility test)
It takes me about 9 minuets and 2000 p.s.i of air from the S.C.B.A. to complete it.
I am allowed 16 minutes to do so but I would have to crawl to finish with that time
Its walk 600 ft
Climb a ladder twice
Lift 40 lbs 20 times
Strike a block 20 times with an 8 lb sledge
Walk 300ft
Carry a 40 lb hose bundle 50 ft
Drag a charged 1 ¾” hose 50 ft
Climb a ladder twice again
Walk 300ft with a canvas salvage cover (tarp)
And walk another 300 ft.

In full turnouts and air pack, and mask on, on tank air
About 85 lbs of gear….do you all know how bad I hate ladders
Anyway that’s over for a year…now lets burn a house down


The Pirate said...

!!! I just finished a post that mentions this.

Not an easy test for me once I hit 40 and carried an extra 20 pounds before donning the gear...

Fyremandoug said...

It can kick the shizz out of ya

USA_Admiral said...

God pity anyone that messes with the Fyreman.

Fascinating post too.

Hammer said...

Sounds like a workout.

I remember watching skinny 18 year old kids try to pass the test and barely making it.

The British Bird. said...

Bless you and your comrades for laying it on the line everyday for us mere mortals. I guess that means you still have "it" as you passed the tests.


Anonymous said...

Go Doug, Go Doug, it's your birthday....good job bro, I remember always having to runthat crap in July in the NC humidity....ugh don't miss it or my kevlar-here's for riding a desk for the time being! LOL