Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

I would enjoy wishing everyone a
Prosperous and a Happy New Year
Now I got to go and find some Advil cuz
I slipped on the @$%&$&%@ Steps
and brused my A$$
Damn I hurt


Hammer said...

A bruised butt is the injury that keeps on reminding you.

Have a good new year!

Fyremandoug said...

Thank you Hammer
I am off to Bi-Mart to Buy 9mm ammo to day ...good sale $9.00 a box for UMC hollow points box O 50
time to stock up

Mark said...

Hey bro, sorry to hear about the ass. That sucks. Did that once in Texas. Was wearing cowboy boots, and as you well know, those are not conducive to good traction on ice. Speaking of the gun, I still have an AK that needs some rounds put through it, but my bud won't extend the invite. (HINT, HINT!)

p.s. I have LOTS of ammo for it! :-)

Fyremandoug said...

ammo good.

Epijunky said...

I'm also sorry about your ass.


Have a Happy New Year :)

SoHoS said...

OUCH!!!!! Feel better! Happy New Year!

USA_Admiral said...

This is not what you could call an auspicious start. It will get better.

Ammo on sale is a DANDY thing though.

Aprilwine said...

Happy New Year!!
Hope your bum is feeling better! :)

Count said...

Happy New Year