Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday stuff

Do you have a song you don't get tired of hearing, I was just listening to this song and I really don't ever get tired of it. It sometimes drives my wife nuts when I identify music groups and albums and the year it came out.
It is so Soggy here In the Willamette (pronounced Wil-lam-it, Damn it )valley right now, Mrs Fyreman is out hunting the elusive The Black-tailed deer with her trusty Boom Stick(she gave it
a nick has to do with the quantity of antlered deer she has put in the freezer with it) and I'm hungry for Venison Summer sausage MMMMMMMMM.


Aprilwine said...

Oh yeah, I love that song.

There are many songs I never get tired of hearing. There are only a few that I can't stand to hear. Just about anything by Berlin gets under my skin, I don't why. I also can't handle Ace of Base. Geez, just the thought of those two bands give me hives! LOL

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Fyremandoug said...

I did I made Beef stew and Apple pie......mmmmmmmmmm

Epijunky said...

Venison Summer Sausage....mmmmmmm.....

Time to go visit my Father-In-Law in a few weeks... The season is quickly approaching :)

SoHoS said...

I love that song so much.