Thursday, October 4, 2007

I hit a wall

I Started Weight watchers...and I am feeling pretty good about it, I have been going along ignoring my weight issue and Mrs Fyreman has quitly been increasing the waist size on my britches. Then I tried on my class B dress shirt for the Fyre department and guess what, I couldn't button the sumbitch, I hit the wall folks, I am drawing the line here and I dont want to increase any more. So I find out that the Company I work for has a wellness program and they will foot the bill for Weight Watchers. Well I am all over free like a 12th grade boy and his 10th grade prom date : ) I am going to keep a running tally of my progress on my blog so I will start out by telling you my weigh in weight


think happy thoughts for me


Hammer said...

I hear ya. Weight watchers is a good program. I hover around 275 if I don't watch what I eat.

Epijunky said...

Weight Watchers was a Godsend after my first baby... Like Jenny McCarthy says in that commercial, I came home from the hospital hoping he was a fifty pound baby. He wasn't.

Seriously, they weight watcher ladies should be elevated to sainthood.

SoHoS said...

Good for you. I keep trying to do it on my own but my problem is I LOVE BEER!!!!! This is the devil for weight loss. Please keep us informed, I am taking the diet pill phentermine to help it along for me but it is just basically speed...You are a strong man to admit this and I tell you what, we can support you and help (Hopefully), I have got to find Something/anything that works! Good luck sweetie!!!!!

Fyremandoug said...

Thank you all for the good words, I will win this battle

barista grazioso said...

I'll be overe with my pink pom-pom's Doug! I'm really proud of you. :) Weight Watchers works, just be patient. It's a healthy way to go about it. I'm like SoHo's - gimme some pills ;). You're a smart man for doing this. It'll be better for you and for your fam. :)

Keep us updated!!

PFD216 said...

Proud of you, go for it. New station, new engine, new fyreman! What more could a Captain ask for.