Friday, September 11, 2009

things I think about

I do a good job of being light hearted and witty,
but there is one thing that keeps me warm at night
and that is a very Sound hatred for Wolves, The two
legged type. Someone who would cause harm to
my flock, would I step up and stand between the flock
and the pack? ....Hell yes. I am a mutt, but still a sheep dog

Before I pass on to better pastures......take the long dirt nap.
I hope to make a pilgrimage from the West coast to the East coast
and visit

FDNY Engine Company
10 - 124 Liberty Street, Manhattan,
New York City

these boys were fire dogs. Sheep dogs in Nomex

Rest in Peace Brothers


The British Bird. said...

my thoughts have been on the brave men and women of NYPD, NYFD, and all those who died today. may they rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

May they have a special place in Heaven.