Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well where was I?

SO how is everyone doing, I have taken a small sabbatical from the blog-O-sphere.
I have new reading glasses that are the BOMB(Titanium is GOOD). It has been cold in the Mornings but we have had Beautiful days, big blue skies.So I am thinking we are going to see something worse than the Carter years and the Clinton years all wrapped into one with this new administration that will blow our socks off, yup. watch out for the distribution of wealth.......So I think I want a Tattoo.......HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA no really
this is what I am working on. kind of a heritage/clan thing, I guess its the celt in me


The Pirate said...

So, I'm in Angola. It hot, like Africa hot, here. I still want a tat and after 2 years of off and on looking, drawing and contemplating the meaning of life, still have not yet found "my" tat:(

Epijunky said...

Take your time and come back when you're ready. We'll still be here.

By the way, I *LOVE* the tat idea. I think I may be due again.

Evil Transport Lady said...

Nice tat! I always wanted one...I just never could make up my mind.

USA_Admiral said...

When you have to make yourself blog; it's time fr a break.

That would be a worthy tat.

kvegas911 said...

Tats are great, however a couple of "I am 18 and therefore an adult" bad decisions on my lower back prove.....LOL....*sigh* I'll get them covered up one of these days with something a lot better! Oh, and here's a good pointer, kind of ties in with that 18 yr old issue I had...."A good tattoo is not cheap and a cheap tattoo is not good." I will now leave you to laugh your ass off at my expense ;)

Aprilwine said...

Hi Doug!! I haven't been around much either. Just busy with life and a new puppy.

So far, Obama has proven that I worried for a reason!

The British Bird. said...

I toyed with the idea of a tat and thought against it. For the most part I think they look a lot better on men than they do women.

Go for it D! Just give us a preview of a few of your favs and maybe we can have a vote on it for you!
The bird.

Dreamsicle said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to you!! You look like a monkey and you smell like one too!!! But I still love ya little bro!! Hope you're having a super awesome day ya old fart! XOXOXOXOXO

The British Bird. said...

did someone say Birthday!? Happy Birthday to you!

The Bird

Maire said...

Your Lion emblem looks like The Black Lion of Cantigny Ensignia of the 1st Bn, 28th Inf. Reg.
I remember, being an army brat, seeing the Black Lion while we were stationed in Kansas and Germany.
Other options (being a Celt)would be an Irish Wolfhound or Scottish Deerhound.