Monday, April 28, 2008

the Coast

the girls went to O.S.W.A. Oregon Small Woodland Association . it was a timber conference and here are some pictures that they took.

this Field had 75 Elk in it the day before, they were discussing animal habitat.

Wild bleeding Heart

the Girls at Sugar Falls near Mapleton OR.

This is a variety of thimble berry I had never seen before and it is beautiful

I had to do an edit cause Hammer pointed out that my abbreviation for Association
was anatomical. LOL


Hammer said...

You got me giggling with "small woodland ass"

I'm pretty immature for my age ;)

Dreamsicle said...

Hey there brother. I'm on now. Love the pix. We'll have to keep up with each other's happenings. XOXO

Fyremandoug said...

your going to get my ass whipped Hammer


USA_Admiral said...

That sure is some amazing pictures. It looks beautiful. The shot with the waterfall in the background.