Wednesday, September 5, 2007


well this weekend was long, fun but really busy. Mrs F was being a Photographer at a horsemanship and ranch roping clinic put on buy a Man named Ricky Quinn. I liked him but you could not be thin skinned around him cuz he calls them as he sees em, anyway I was the I.S. support for the Mrs and down loaded over 2000 pictues onto the laptop. I have a picture I am going to post of a calf that has a brand in the middle of the ribs thas just says "cow" Its kinda like a bottle of beer that only says "BEER" on the label, I guess you would have to be raised around livestock

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Haystack said...

Thanks for bopping by my little tangential blog. I have a feeling I would have liked Ricky Quinn.
I have a friend who had a dog and a cat, whose names were pronounced 'dee-owe-gee' and 'sea-aye-tea' and spelled d o g and c a t, respectfully. LOL...gotta appreciate the simple things in life.