Monday, April 30, 2007

Shifting gear

So Sunday I shifted gears from Saturday and went into Fyreman mode. I make it a practice to try to retake the Vehicle extrication class every other year or so, an old colleague puts it on
Of mine who has moved out of district but really knows his stuff when it comes to cars and the proper way to tear the SHIT out of them. So what does my wonderful Captain
Do but through me into a command position, now don’t get me wrong here I don’t mind running an operation but I LIKE CUTTING UP CARS. So I had to shift Gears again and go from a tactical standpoint to a strategic standpoint and that is where I grind a gear or two….I have to remember not to micro mange and let my people do the stuff they are trained to do, tougher than it sounds. But anyway I had a very motivated group of “Boots” (one of them has had 5 years of fire ground Exp.) to work with and they are a very smart bunch, good teamwork pays off.

Pictures posted tonight

Boot denotes new firefighter also called newbie and probbie

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barista grazioso said...

I love the pictures. I'd like to hear more of your perspective regarding the job, Sir.